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Connect 2 Learn offers interactive and incentivized training for employees to learn about Oculus and Portal products from Facebook. 


HALIGHT Inc. partnered with Facebook to create their learning environment for retail partners, field reps, and retail sales associates.


However, employees were not completing their learning materials. The UX/UI team I was a part of began our exploration for a redesign. 




"Only 5% of respondents reported they are influenced by a learning & development department in order to access online materials."

"1 out of 3 employees say that 'uninspiring content' is a barrier to learning."

Train Like a Champion Infographic.

It all started with research. We had a problem that we knew we needed to solve but we wanted to know the root of the problem.

We looked to our closest representatives of our Front-End users (our CSLs [Client Service Liaisons]) to ask what problems their users encountered with our old software design.

Sitting down with our valuable representatives we concluded that in the root of the problem is the software lacked meaningful experiences centred around the content.

Our Front-End users were unmotivated to take the required trainings, and often found the platform difficult to navigate their course content.

Modern Architecture

I synthesized interview results to ideate with the team meaningful solutions to our old software design including introducing new features. We used our Atmosphere software as an opportunity to redesign the system, while providing custom branding for our client. Our team then used wireframe cutouts to map out what each features experience would look like. This is the point where Connect2Learn started to gain structure. 

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