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HAVN App was created by a UK-based startup that allows members to access a wide variety of Lifestyle and Hospitality services in London, England through a subscription.

My task was to work with designers and developers to create the MVP (minimum viable product) with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development.


Below is a quick walk-through of how HAVN was conceptualized before testing.  


1. Get to know our users

In order to define the feature set for the MVP, we began researching our audience. Certain personas we began creating were:

  • Young adults living in London.

  • Loves to socialize with others.

  • Likes to explore new things (food, social settings and sceneries).

2. Identify problems
Now that we had a clear vision of our audience, we had to think about their common struggles. What issues are they facing every day? Further, define how your HAVN will help users resolve these issues and make their lives better.

  • It's expensive to dine. 

  • People experience long wait times for popular restaurants and spaces.

  • It's challenging to find good & well-reviewed restaurants.

  • Difficult to find detailed information on these spaces.

3. Learn how they are currently getting their needs met 

Find out how our users solve their current problems to help prioritize the MVP features.

  • Utilizing food apps and promotion offers when ordering food.

  • Taking advantage of loyalty programs for services.

  • Email sign up for percentage off items.

4. Study our competitors 

We studied our competitors like Uber to inform how us on how we can take inspiration and improve on features.

5. Know our strengths & 6. Come up with a value offering

We defined our characteristics to make sure our MVP was one of a kind. Mainly, we offer a subscription-based service offering promotional deals on partnered food & service industry spaces


The team decided to include an onboarding process, subscription selection, explore and search page, selection description and order process. This would be ideal to test later with participants to refine the features before finalizing the product. 

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