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Dashboard Redesign 

Re thinking personalized access to patients' data

The Project

SHOEBOX is a company making hearing testing accessible through their mobile audiometer product, PureTest. Their Portal is the accompanying web portal that collects data from PureTest for various users to manage patients' data. The main purpose of PureTest and Portal was created to provide a consistent workflow for people who do regular hearing tests with their employees. This kind of regular testing gives valuable insight into the effectiveness of hearing safety in a workplace and of course the hearing health of your employees.


The main page of the Portal is the dashboard. Itʼs original intention was to provide our users with some interesting data based on their portal use. However, the dashboard has data which is “heavy” for performance and therefore the page takes a long time to load and slows down the portal needlessly.

The Plan

My work from the UX perspective was to improve the experience of the dashboard for those which are the Reviewers, Audiologists, and Site Leads. We'll get into more about these user roles below. 

The Team

  • 1 Project Manager

  • 1 Product Owner

  • 4 Developers

  • 1 QA

  • 3 UX/ UI Designers 

UX Solution

I was tasked to find a solution that provided less "heavy" data to our current dashboard. Questions I asked myself were: 

  1. If we keep this page as the “dashboard” then what could be more useful on this page and less load?

  2. If we get rid of the dashboard page all together, where do people land?

Mac Studio (1).png

My Role



To better visualize the value of our current dashboard, I began Researching and creating User Stories to better understand each user role and their needs.

Mock Ups

Create low fidelity mockups and Final Detailed Mockups.

Solution Presentation

Present design solutions at each stage of the design process to the team and stakeholders.


After feedback from both the Team and stakeholders, make appropriate mockup adjustments.


The Task


I started with creating a survey to send to our Reviewers, Audiologists, and Site Leads in order to gain preliminary knowledge of their current experience using the dashboardWe define each role as such:

  • Reviewers - Trained staff (in-house or external) to review patient data.

  • Audiologists - Audiologists (in-house or external) to review patient data.

  • Site Leads - Managers overseeing Reviewers per site location.


All Reviewers, Audiologists and Site Leads reported they did not know what the data meant or they totally skipped the page from each login. 

Portal Dashboard

Original Portal Dashboard


The SHOEBOX Team had always kept the dashboard since its' conception, stating the personalized data was meant for each user role to help them understand their portal use (for example: Site Leads can view data on how many patients have been tested monthly).

When I was presented with the task of downsizing the amount of data, I proposed we
replace the dashboard altogether with a homepage, where we provide something more useful for each user that creates less loading time. This is where user stories came in hand.

test (1).png
Frame 67 (1).png

Low Fidelity Mockups (Design Crit)

Frame 69.png

I presented my mockups to the team using Figma. You can view the design ideas here to get a closer look.


Based on the feedback, the team voted to combine both idea #1 and #3. Meaning, creating a homepage that includes both personalized to-do lists and a learning section for Portal features.


Group 71.png

Idea #1


Frame 71.png

Idea #3


User Testing

I user tested this solution with both Internal and External stakeholders to identify gaps in the design.


  • Participants did not understand the different copy writing used for the call to action buttons - all liked "View" language better.

  • Participants thoughts the Learning portion was very useful (due to the amount of re training).

  • Participants loved the "New Feature" tag.

homescreen_wireframes 1.png

Final Note

I participated in the first steps of the project and handed off the finalization of Usability Testing and Mockups to the other designers on the team. Below is the Mockup work I began before handoff (learning section not yet added).

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